6 Tips for Eating Healthy on Your Urology Locums Assignment

September 2, 2022
6 Tips for Eating Healthy on Your Urology Locums Assignment

6 Tips for Eating Healthy on Your Urology Locums Assignment

If you’re a urologist working locums, then you will likely be spending a lot of time on the road. Whether that’s in a hotel, a condo, or an RV, it can be difficult to maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle. Here, we share some tips that we’ve gathered from locums urologists throughout the years.

  1. Get hotel rooms with kitchenettes.

    This can be anything from a full kitchen w/ stovetop and oven to just a microwave, depending on the available options. Your UrologyLocums.com travel concierge will help you find a suitable hotel, but if you are booking directly, here is a useful list of hotel brands with kitchenettes. At a bare minimum, we recommend a hotel with some kind of refrigerator in the room to store food safely.
  2. Fly in earlier the day before your locums assignment.

    You should be sure to make your personal dietary needs a part of your planning for a locums assignment. Rather than opting for the latest possible flight the evening before you’re supposed to work, it might be advisable to spend a little extra time on the front end of your locums assignment to “stock up” on food at a local health food store or grocery store.
  3. Fly into a major city (with more grocery options) and then drive to your locums assignment.

    A lion’s share of locums jobs for urologists are in small and mid-size cities. While many of the mid-size towns will have plentiful quality options for organic food, some of the smaller ones will not. As always, do your research prior to making your travel plans. In some cases, flying into a nearby larger city could aid you in your quest to eat healthy.

  4. Plan your “menu” in advance.

    While a strict adherence to your pre-planned menu isn’t required, if you can set out a general plan of what you will eat for your major meals each day then you will save yourself time (and stress) while you’re working long hours treating patients. This is especially helpful if trying to adhere to a vegan, vegetarian, keto, etc. diet.
  5. Bring (or purchase) the right storage containers.

    In order to assist with storage, reheating, and meal preparation over multiple days, having a few storage containers with you can make your life much easier. For both durability and to avoid chemicals leaching into your food, we strongly recommend glass containers over plastic ones, especially if you’re going to be using them to heat up food.
  6. Make hydration a priority

    Don’t forget about the importance of hydration while traveling and working! An insulated metal water bottle is a must-have for any traveler. In addition to being a constant source of clean, cold water for you, these bottles can be used to carry smoothies or soups on-the-go.

Whatever your health goals and needs are as a traveling urologist, we hope that following these travel tips will help to make your work and leisure travel more enjoyable.

For more information about becoming a traveling urologist, reach out to UrologyLocums.com via their website or by emailing apply@urologylocums.com.

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